Sunday, March 06, 2011

pack it up!

We couldn't have timed our move better.  Our lease is up on April 5th.  And we don't have to make our first mortgage payment until May 1, hallelujah!  So this gave us no overlap with big time payments, but overlap of residences.  I wish I could say we planned this, but, it just fell into place.

This allows for us to move slowly and in an organized fashion.  We can move piecemeal, and put things away.  It is going to be great!  We think we are going to get a rental truck for the big items, since our couch and bed don't quite fit in our Civic!

While we knew a move was in our near future when we moved to our apartment, we didn't have space to store boxes.  Ryan and I had scavenged our offices, but didn't walk away with enough boxes to pack up our place.  I then turned to craigslist, and what a grand idea that was!

I found two local postings for free moving boxes.  The first wasn't much to write home about, but the second place had about 30-40 moving boxes, and not just amazon boxes.  Plus it all was free- and eco friendly!  We too will bundle up our boxes and let the next mover take them off our hands.

So as I am packing up our place, I can't help but sing Jeannie's Packin' Up from Brigadoon.  Random right?  Well back we we lived in Ohio, my parents took us kids to a local production of Brigadoon.  I think it may have been our first musical experience.  And we LOVED it.  We made them buy the CD and was sang the songs all over the place.  Our family favorite?  Jeannie's Packin' Up- which fittingly could have been our family anthem.  As kids we would moved side to side like they do in the song when  cleaning up.  (Yes, we are aware that this is slightly odd!)

So I leave you with Barrington High School's rendition of the song!

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  1. Appropriately, our family anthem! BTW, Barrington HS is not too far north of us here in the western 'burbs of Chicago!


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