Tuesday, March 29, 2011

office/music room plan

For Valentine's Day this year, we went to a concert- but a few days later.  We aren't big on celebrating Valentine's day.  Usually we just do something fun together, like go to the MOMA, paint mugs, or in this case, go to a Ben Gibbard show.  We love Ben, and we love going to his shows, or his band Death Cab for Cutie.

The show was fun.  We don't have to get into the fact that I wasn't with Ryan the whole night because I am getting too old and don't like to stand- but it was a great show nonetheless.  We were standing near the back, by the merch table, when I spotted this poster:

I was immediately in love.  I loved that it had a camera.  I loved that it had a shirt with buttons on it (that's for you dad!), I love that the camera lens was a music note, and I loved, loved, loved the colors.  Ryan and I had talked about how we wanted to paint the office gray.  And this was just a great addition.

We don't normally buy posters or shirts anymore at shows, as they've built up over the years and end up getting donated.  But I had to have this.  Ryan was digging it, and so I went over to buy it.  Of course they didn't take credit, and I had no cash.  And of course this is planned so you have to use their ATMs that charge me $5- but I trudged on through, and left the show as a proud owner of this epic poster.

From there, the creative juices were flowing.  We thought a lighter gray, closer to the top of the camera would be a good wall color.  So Ryan and I went to Home Depot, Lowe's and Ace to pick out a few color chips.  After narrowing the chips down, and painting a few samples on the wall, we ended up with Martha Stewart Nimbus Cloud:

I loved that the name sort of reminds me of Harry Potter too.

Now, I didn't want this room to scream "Man Cave".  As no man of mine gets a cave.  This is our house, and our room- so it should look like an equally shared space.  Since the art on the walls, and the contents of the room (i.e. hard black music equipment) are more "masculine" I wanted a more feminine window treatment.  We went to Ikea to pick out drapes.  I love their drapes because they are so budget friendly, and the length is adjustable.  Nothing I hate more than high-water drapes.  After the worlds quickest trip to the land of yellow and blue, we ended up with these, Alvine Kottar:

These are the elements that we've planned so far.  We have awhile until the room is even close to done (as we just moved the desk and gear in) but it is the plan going forward.


  1. I really like that poster. I ended up with Martha Stewart paint also! I love that it's low VOC. I'm excited to see the room when you have it done.

  2. Very cool poster! It's a perfect inspiration piece. Can't wait to see the room.


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