Thursday, March 10, 2011

fresh cut grass.

Yesterday we scored big, for very little!  After getting all of our moving boxes for free via Craigslist, I've become addicted.  I have had this problem before, but in comes in spurts- usually around when I am looking for something.  So we needed a mower, and to Craigslist I went!

We really wanted a push reel mower, but we didn't want to spend the $100+ on a new one.  Mainly because we weren't sure if we were going to like it.  I spent a few days searching for "push mower" and on Tuesday hit gold! A guy near here was selling his old mower and manual edger for $50.  I set up a meeting time, and we met him last night.

The mower is older then we thought, but we took it over to a nearby bank's lawn and tested it out.  (You're welcome Citibank!)  Grass was flying everywhere, and it was easier to use than we thought.  We were sold!  It also came with a grass catcher, which can run another $50.  Imagine me pushing this around on a Saturday!

Why did we want a push reel mower?  Well, I am sort of scared of gas powered ones.  For some reason I have visions of cutting off my foot.  Secondly, they break, and we don't know how to fix them.  This has less parts- so we'd assume it to be easier.  And lastly- it's better for your grass and the earth.  Plus, by us getting it used, we've made it an even better option.  Gotta love recycling!

Then it was off to Costco to get a hose!  We had received our very small, but still appreciated, rebate check. I had seen hoses there and priced them at Home Depot as well.  It was a better deal, so we grabbed the hose and some frozen pot stickers and were good to go!

And yes, that's right, we even were able to buy an eco-friendly hose.  So, you've all been advised that it is a-ok to drink out of it, as it is lead free.  You are welcome.

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  1. This is going to fun following these adventures! BTW, when you mentioned "pot stickers", I have visions of something to be used in the garden, not dinner!


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