Tuesday, February 22, 2011

an update.

I've watched the house hunting shows on HGTV for years.  And, even as a kid I was included on the oh-so-many house hunting trips.  I always figured when it became my time to hunt for my house, it would be fun.  The bees knees.  But oh no.  This girl hates it.

The ups and downs are draining.  And it seems we are having a few more downs than ups.  But  in any case, an update.  We had our inspection last week.  And it was pouring rain.  The inspectors said this was the best weather for an inspection as it would show problems that may not normally be seen.  Lovely.

It started great.  The furnace was newer, the previous owner updated the service box, there were no leaks to be seen, etc.  But then the roofer arrived.  And after just a few short minutes he came down to explain the roof was shot.  Then I started bawling.  I kid you not- my Realtor thinks I'm nuts!  The inspector gave us an estimate and it wasn't welcomed news.

Since the place is bank owned, and there were many offers on the place, the odds are not in our favor to get  any sort of compensation for the roof.  But, we are going to try.  They wouldn't let us ask for a credit without a roof replacement estimate.  We got this today, and will be submitting the counter tomorrow.  So we'll see how it goes.  "We'll see" seems to be our new mantra for house hunting.

But beyond boring adult stuff, my sister came to visit.  She left today- was a short trip- but we had fun nonetheless.  Riley, while not uber welcoming when she was here, has been howling today.  I think she misses her roomie!

So, what'd we do all weekend?  Well, a lot of lounging.

Because it was raining.  But on Saturday we went to Berkeley to Solemates to get a bad-chemical-free mani pedi.  It was wonderful, and if you haven't been to this salon, go.  It is so relaxing and clean.  And super cute.  You also get tea!  Here is what our nails look like, and my souvenir from Angela!

We also ate at Cheeseboard- which was oh-so-yummy.  We really wanted to sit inside and listen to the band.  But after a few minutes of trying to steal other patrons seats, we gave up and ate the meal in our car (since it was pouring).

Sunday Angela made us breakfast.  Pardon the smoke : )

And then we got in the car and went to wine country.  But, the lesser known area called Livermore (it's closer.  Lame, we know!)

It was a lovely day out and a perfect day for free wine!

Monday, Ryan had to work like a dog, and we went to coffee with Rhonda- always a good time.  The rest of the day was lazy which included lunch in Danville, a trip Target, a movie on royals and more coffee.  It was a fun weekend (sans the housing debacle) and we only wish Angela lived closer.  But alas, she has New York to conquer!


  1. Sorry to hear about the house stuff. So frustrating I'm sure! I hope they accept your counter offer.

    It looks like you guys had a fun weekend! I miss all of you :)

  2. Had so much fun!

    Although... some of those pics are interesting/awkward. Especially the hand/skinny girl marg shot.


    Still sending the positive house vibes....


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