Tuesday, February 15, 2011

taco bell, martini's, and elephants.

This past weekend was a blast.  On Saturday our friends hosted a Taco Bell & Martini party.  They described it as classy and classier.  Couldn't agree more.  It is fun to have friends that share our passion for not-really-meat-but-who-really-cares tacos.

And the always adorable hosts:

The spread:

My hubby:

A part of the party was to bring your own martini cup.  We were told to jazz it up.  So we had the idea to decoupage a taco bell wrapper to the cup.  Turned out to work pretty well.  We aren't sure how much glue we ended up digesting- but it was non-toxic, so oh well!

Then, Sunday I finished photographing our apartment, and shot a video (which will be shared soon).  That night we went to Trader Joe's, made a yummy dinner, and exchanged valentine's gifts (a day early).

This year, we both went elephant. Go figure!

I got Ryan this print from etsy, for his office.

Ryan did his homework, and read this post about this necklace I was adoring!

On Monday night, we grabbed Pinkberry after dinner, with a BOGO coupon!  Way to be cheap dates!

We then lounged on the couch, watched the Bachelorette (go Chico girl!) and called it a night.  Fun few days for sure!

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