Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home Tour | Kitchen

Yikes, it's been months since we've been on tour of our digs.  Sorry, but rest assured, nothing has changed since then.  I have to get my butt in swing here with the tour given the possible move in our near future!

So the kitchen.  This room, along with the vaulted ceilings, is what sold us on this place back in '09.  It was recently updated, and has tons-o-storage.  This was more than welcomed coming from an apartment kitchen that had 3 cabinets.  It is sad to say that the cabinets are filled.  Like, max capacity.  But, two have to function as our pantry, so we really don't have that much stuff....

I've had this pig chalkboard creature since college.  I love it.  Mainly because it is white, and it has a chalkboard.  I picked him up at Target.  The colander has also been with me since my first apartment in Chico.  I've always used it for fruit.  And so that is how it shall remain.

This corner nook houses my pasta bowl (which was too cute to be tucked away), my pitcher and Pellegrino bottles.  Not only do I love the water, but the bottles sorta match.  I put my rings in these little bowls when I am cooking and cleaning.  The top one I picked up in Italy- it has a hand painted lemon.

My teakettle was a b-day gift, and I love this thing.  It adds a nice little pop of my favorite color.  Oh, and is great for tea too!

Here are the other corners, which house our Kitchen Aide and espresso machine (cannot live without this sucker!).

I was tired of having to wear socks in the kitchen, so I picked up this neutral HUGE rug for the floor.  I love it.  We thought it might get messy, but it is actually better for holding all those dang crumbs.  Then I just run the vacuum over it for easy clean up.

A few tricks in the sink area.  I hate paper towels out.  Personal issue of course.  So, I purchased a under the cabinet towel mounter, and adhered it to the inside of the cabinet with the 3M removable sticky things.  It's great here.  Still super easy to get to, and out of the way.

The soap pumps on the L and R of the sink hold dish soap and hand soap.  One day I will eliminate the need for two, and purchase a combo soap.  But, we have a life time supply of dish soap courtesy of Costco.  So, don't hold your breath!

Lastly, here is our collection of white pottery.  We love this stuff.  Makes even boring mac & cheese look gourmet!

So there you have it, our kitchen.  Which, by the way, is probably bigger than any kitchen we'll have in the next ten years.  We've enjoyed it!

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  1. I CAN'T wait to visit! [Might just stay... :) ]


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