Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home Tour | Guest Room

Or guitar room.  Or Ryan's room.  Or room-full-o-stuff.  This is the room in our house that has to have many hats.  So we've set it up as such.

Coming from college, we had two beds, so we were set to have a guest bed in this room. The frame is from Ryan's college bed, and the bedding from my college stuff.  It's a mis-match, but does the job.

The photo over the chest of drawers is from Jake Early.  I bought this for Ryan as a graduation gift before we moved from Chico.

The frames above the bed are from Ikea, and just have some cute fabric in them.  Super cheap art.

The desk is where Ryan works.  Above it are shelves from Ikea that hold photos, office gear, and our cute "M" that my dad made.

You can also see the frame that has a print with "Our Family"

I made this for our wedding, to share family photos.

The black shelf also has our wedding invite framed (since I slaved away making these by hand...)

Beyond the two guitars in the other corner, Ryan's recording/music equipment is in the closet, and in these trunks. (The bottom one was Ryan's grandpa George's.)

And, just a few other shots.

Hallway with closet and route to bathroom

And, no blog entry or house tour would be complete without a glamour shot of the kid:

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