Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Tour | Dining Room & Hallway

This is the lame part of the tour [you can see the other rooms here, here, here and here]. But, it's a room in our place.

I wish I could tell you I make Ryan gourmet meals, and we eat them here and have deep philosophical conversations.  Truth is, the table ends up being more of a drop zone than anything else.  We've caught the room on a good day.  So picture mail, grocery bags and the like all over the table.  So where do we usually eat?  Right here-

The other day Ryan said he doesn't want kids because then we would have to eat dinner at the table.  Sadly, I have to agree!

So here is the dining room.  From this picture you can see the living room to the left, and the kitchen to the right.

I found this table at an awesome consignment store near us.  We needed a new table because after our wedding we realized our new plates were too big to have two on our table.  We loved the oval size and black finish.  It also was nice that it was under $150.  The chairs are a mis-match of the old table chairs and Ikea chairs.

The wooden dresser to the right of the kitchen entry was a fun thrift store find of mine.  I wanted something to put wine in, and wanted it to fit within the small wall.  I found this real wood drawer thing. It isn't really a dresser- as the top opens to a few mounted wooden spindles.  I have no clue what it is- but for $40 I was sold.

Right now it holds wine and decorating items.  I also really love the Greek key-esque detailing on the trim.

Adorable! The top of the dresser has these cute candle holders from Pottery Barn

Along with our tile we picked up in Spain to remember our anniversary.

Speaking of our anniversary, for our first year anniversary my dad made us this Anniversary Box.

It is made from driftwood he picked up from our wedding.  The idea behind it is to put in a memento from each anniversary.  Right now it has some corks and matches from our wedding.

Above the dresser we have a photo montage- using my absolutely favorite wood gallery frames from Pottery Barn.  I love a good chunky mat.

The other side of the wall has two shelves that I have had since high school.  I spray painted them black back in college.  They house a few frames and knick-knacks.  This one has an elephant (of course) and a leftover glass candle from our wedding.

This is a pastel courtesy of Ryan's grandpa George.  The "M" I picked up at Hobby Lobby (oh how I wish we had those near!) The bird was my mom's- and my grandparent's have the same one in their guest bathroom.

The last wall piece- a picture that I scored for $10 from Wal-Mart.  Gotta love the clearance end caps!

And, this tour was to include our hallway, so here you go!

The photo above was painted by Ryan's grandpa as well.  It is of Carmel/Monterey and has a Cypress Tree.  I framed it for Ryan for our anniversary last year.

There you have it.  Our dining room and hallway!


  1. I totally agree about kids and eating at the table. I have totally thought about it! Not that I'm having kids soon...

    The anniversary box your dad made is really cool.

  2. Dad will be excited to see your blog and his box feature! And why don't I remember that bird - are you sure it was mine?

    Funny about the couch - when Andrew is around for dinner, we usually sit at the table, but when he has other plans, we often eat on the couch and watch one of our shows - circle of life??

  3. Yes, I figured dad would like that. Bird isn't yours, huh? Well- maybe it was dad's? It was in my room when I was a kid- and Grandma has one in Fl. Oh well!


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