Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Tour | The Bathrooms

That's right folks, we are at the bathrooms, which in fitting form, is the end of our picture tour of the Mordoff's first place (ha!).  We love our bathrooms because they are huge.  And we will most certainly miss the storage, drawers, and non-stall shower when we move!

First up, Riley's digs.  Riley is such an important part of our family that she gets her own bathroom.  When Angela came to visit last weekend, Riley wasn't allowed in the guest bath quarters, and she was beside herself.  The plug in our master bathroom didn't work for the longest time, so I blow dry my hair in here, and it is where we use our lovely Sonicare toothbrush.

We love the layout of this bathroom because it has two doors.  While it adds another step before you pee- it allows us to have a hall bath, and a guest suite for those visitors.

Riley has a whole drawer full of her toys and holiday wear.  We keep her food and water dishes on the floor.  Her litter is also tucked away in the guest bathtub.  This is by far my favorite thing I ever came up with.  I hate cat litter.  Hate it.  It's gross, no one wants to look at it, and the litter box itself is atrocious.

So, I put it in the bathtub.  The shower curtain hides it.  And, since Riley flicks the litter everywhere, it keeps it contained in the tub.

These canisters are from Crate & Barrel.  I love them- but am worried where they will go in the new place since we have zero bathroom counter space.

The shower curtain is from Target- I love the crisp white waffle pattern.  The picture was a find at TJ Maxx, and the glass hurricane candle holder is from Pottery Barn.

Our bathroom is attached to our room.  The sink isn't enclosed by a door.  We wish it was when one of us has to get ready before the other in the morning.  But- it does allow us to have a larger vanity, which has been very nice.

Bedroom Door

The toilet and shower/tub are in their own room.

(Sorry, should have thrown out the trash!)  The brush on the hook is my dry skin brush.  I try and use it before my showers everyday.  It helps remove dead skin, promote circulation, aides with cellulite reduction- it is a wonder brush and really is fun to use before a hot shower.

A bamboo frame with our engagement collage.  The soap dish we use all the time- we put our rings here while we shower and get ready.

The soap dish from above and the lotion and soap pump below are from Target. I love the look of these, and they are made from recycled glass.

So there you have it- our bathrooms.  And the end of the  Mordoff-Apartment tour.  Now we've got to get to packing the place up!

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