Wednesday, February 02, 2011

esty 'bout time.

Have you heard of etsy?  It's a great website that crafters/artisans/sellers can set up shop to sell goods.  It's fun, but be warned, you can spend a ton of time window shopping.

So, after a long shopping [but not buying : ( ] session, here are some things that I am digging.

I Love You Blogs and Coffee poster by MADEBYGIRL

This poster sums up my life these days, and it's a life I am happy to live!

Lucky wishbone necklace by lunaCielo.

I have purchased a necklace from this seller before, and love it.  This one looks like a great length.

If I had a boy (or girl, because I am all about non gender specific colors), I would buy them these elephant cloth baby shoes.

My child, or Riley will own the headband as well:

I'm also pretty sure that Ryan would love this shirt.  Loves sharks. Loves bikes.

And lastly, this awesome custom pet silhouette that we could make of Riley:

Oh, if only money grew on trees...


  1. This is great. I never have to think about presents for you again - just keep posting good finds on your blog, and I'll refer as necessary.


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