Thursday, February 03, 2011

contain yourself!

A while back, I had written about the book that Ryan and I read to help us reflect on life.  Last night, the chapter was about doing things that make you happy (which in turn makes a couple happy).  They listed a whole page of suggested ideas about happiness.  Now, from time to time, when I read my chapters to Ryan, I insert little things that I think should be there, just to see if Ryan is listening.  So, when one of the listed items said, go to the Container Store- Ryan did a double take.

But, lo and behold- that was indeed a suggested source of happiness.  And this girl couldn't agree more!

As I mentioned, Ryan purchased his new source of happiness and we had to do a slight reorganization in our place.  Which required a trip to the Container Store (!).  I was in search of a tub or two to hold some or Ryan's bike gear, and something to slide under our couch to store large frames.

We have a ton of this box (the top one),

They are the perfect size for the shelf in the closet.  They are also great because they are clear, and super cheap, only $6 per box.  I use these for my shoes (I can fit a good 5-6 pairs in each), to store our extra plates, and now to store Ryan's bike gear.

After snatching what I came in for, I spent plenty-o-time browsing around.  And man, they just have some of the coolest stuff!

I thought these would be great for organizing items in your purse.

pardon the blurry picture!
I have a pouch that I keep a tons of essentials in: pen, advil, chapstick, finger nail clippers, swiss army knife, stain stick, hand sanitizer, floss, etc.  Then, when I switch purses, I just plop the bag in my new purse.  That way it is organized in my bag, and easy to switch purses.  but, these little bags are adorable.

I also was mesmerized by the cord keeper wall.

I hate cords.  And unfortunately, my husband's hobbies include cords galore.  So this wall is like my heaven.  I really liked these:

They are kind of like zip ties, but reusable.

I also really liked this tub:

Last year we decided to recycle all of our DVD and CD holders, and put the disc into a CD binder.  It is so much nicer than having all of the cases, but we've already filled up the binder.  These bins look like they hold a ton more- so it could be a good idea for another storage solution.

I also loved all of the kitchen cabinet storage, which I can't wait to implement in our future home.

So, get happy, and get to the Container Store!


  1. I don't think I have been to that store but I need to go! It would definitely make me happy. I want those reusable zip ties.

  2. Goodness gracious, yes, find the closest one and get there as soon as you can!


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