Wednesday, February 09, 2011

casa de mordoff?

So the whole reason I blog is so I have a record of my life.  But then when things are busy/crazy/emotional/etc.  I always find it hard to blog.  Totally dumb.

This weekend was nuts.  We went house hunting.  Yes, actual houses.  Found one, fell in love and started the saga know as casa de mordoff.

Last week we had seen a house come up in the city we live in, in our price range- which is odd.  We usually can't afford homes in our city, condos sure, but not homes.  Turns out the place was a 55+ community.  Damn.

But, it got our Realtor thinking more along the lines of homes.  So, we went to the city next door and toured a few places.  The first was amazing.  Fresh out of 1961, but with 2011 style.  This place had been gutted and updated to no end.  Vaulted ceilings.  Updated kitchen.  New windows.  New garage. A frog prince statue in the yard that comes with the house (!).  Amazing.  But, it had just been on the market, and already had 3 offers.

We went to three other places, and it was like night and day.  Seriously, we thought we were in Compton.  These places were bit cheaper, but in weird neighborhoods, or backed up to the highway, or had termites.  Nope, nope.  I'll take a condo/town home over this situation any day.

So we figured, let's put in an offer on the first house, because what do we have to lose?  Then at least we knew we tried.  So that was Sunday.

Then, Sunday night was Glee night with Dani and Kevin.  And Trader Joe's food.  Fun!

Then Monday our Turbo Tax arrived, and I started to find out the true damage of our taxes.  It was worse than expected.  So Ryan and I freaked out.  We went nuts.  Because we are.  And when we are nuts, we make rash decisions.  We immediately decided we needed to pull our offer on the house, since life-as-we-know-it was over.  So Ryan emailed the Realtor, we calmed down, and went to bed.

Along comes Tuesday, and we wake up to find our offer was accepted.  What?  Ours?  Out of the five additional offers (yes, it went up to 5).  This was nuts!  And then began the day of freak out again.  We called out parents, we emailed our mortgage people and Realtor, we blabbed to anyone that knew anything about houses, taxes, being broke, saving money, the works.  We wanted it, then we hated it, then we wanted it, then we wanted to move to Texas, then we wanted to Rent, then buy.  We were all over the place.  And this was all while at work.

So once we calmed down- and were back at our place, we chatted.  And we realized this may be just right for us.  It's not our forever home, but neither was a condo.  So why not have a house (with a yard for our future fido!) with a garage and a mailbox instead?

And, did I mention this place is tricked out?  Like, we won't have to put a penny into the sucker to update it.  This was far better than any condo we've ever seen.  And, since 5 other people wanted the place too, we know when it comes time to sell, it won't be too hard. (Hopefully).

So, we did it.  We jumped the gun, and went forward.  We aren't in escrow yet.  But in a few days.  And escrow, man what a grown up word that is!

So who knows, on March 11th, this cute little house may be ours:


  1. You never mentioned that there was a frog prince that comes with it!! Now I really don't know why you were having second thoughts!

    Really though, I'm excited for the two of you. From what I've seen, I think it will be perfect. Good luck on the inspection and send more pictures!

  2. SOOOO Exciting. You are such a grown-up, I can barely handle it.

    I hope I can see it when I come to visit! :)

    (AND - I already know a housewarming present. Elephant friend for the frog.)

  3. So I just remembered about your guys' blog and decided to see what the heck you've been up to. What a good day to check--exciting news!! COngrats, hope everything goes through. It sounds awesome and cant wait to see pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and in person eventually...) kathleen

  4. Oh my gosh this is so exciting!!! I can't wait to hear more about it. I'll call you guys tomorrow :)

  5. I remember when Keith & I bought our first little house in SoCal, same situation... LOVED it but figured no way on God's green earth we could afford it.... Previously owned by not one but two contractors who had totally upgraded the place, sweet house. We agonized over margaritas in a local bar, then decided to throw in our offer.. and we got it! Then we started worrying about paying the bills... ha! Seriously though, so excited for you guys, fingers crossed and please keep us posted.
    -linda xoxo


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