Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Tour | The Bathrooms

That's right folks, we are at the bathrooms, which in fitting form, is the end of our picture tour of the Mordoff's first place (ha!).  We love our bathrooms because they are huge.  And we will most certainly miss the storage, drawers, and non-stall shower when we move!

First up, Riley's digs.  Riley is such an important part of our family that she gets her own bathroom.  When Angela came to visit last weekend, Riley wasn't allowed in the guest bath quarters, and she was beside herself.  The plug in our master bathroom didn't work for the longest time, so I blow dry my hair in here, and it is where we use our lovely Sonicare toothbrush.

We love the layout of this bathroom because it has two doors.  While it adds another step before you pee- it allows us to have a hall bath, and a guest suite for those visitors.

Riley has a whole drawer full of her toys and holiday wear.  We keep her food and water dishes on the floor.  Her litter is also tucked away in the guest bathtub.  This is by far my favorite thing I ever came up with.  I hate cat litter.  Hate it.  It's gross, no one wants to look at it, and the litter box itself is atrocious.

So, I put it in the bathtub.  The shower curtain hides it.  And, since Riley flicks the litter everywhere, it keeps it contained in the tub.

These canisters are from Crate & Barrel.  I love them- but am worried where they will go in the new place since we have zero bathroom counter space.

The shower curtain is from Target- I love the crisp white waffle pattern.  The picture was a find at TJ Maxx, and the glass hurricane candle holder is from Pottery Barn.

Our bathroom is attached to our room.  The sink isn't enclosed by a door.  We wish it was when one of us has to get ready before the other in the morning.  But- it does allow us to have a larger vanity, which has been very nice.

Bedroom Door

The toilet and shower/tub are in their own room.

(Sorry, should have thrown out the trash!)  The brush on the hook is my dry skin brush.  I try and use it before my showers everyday.  It helps remove dead skin, promote circulation, aides with cellulite reduction- it is a wonder brush and really is fun to use before a hot shower.

A bamboo frame with our engagement collage.  The soap dish we use all the time- we put our rings here while we shower and get ready.

The soap dish from above and the lotion and soap pump below are from Target. I love the look of these, and they are made from recycled glass.

So there you have it- our bathrooms.  And the end of the  Mordoff-Apartment tour.  Now we've got to get to packing the place up!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

raise the roof!

It's official, we are getting our house!

Last week we had our roof estimate done, which came in much better than expect.  We asked the bank to go halfsies- and they agreed!  So we're moving along!  As of yesterday all of our contingencies were removed so we are hoping the next two weeks will be smoother sailing the the previous few.

This has led Ryan and I to start planning "Mordoff's-on-the-Move 2011".  We need to line up our u-haul, find boxes, buy a fridge and get packing.  We will have a lot to do in the next few weeks/months, but I am looking forward to it! Life's been blasé, and I needed a project!

We made a trip to Home Depot and Sears yesterday to shop for fridges.  We've also started to compile a list of things we need to do right away, and things that can wait.

First, we need to replace the seals on the two toilets.  Luckily this is super simple and there are many, many videos online.  Let's just see if the real thing is such a piece of cake!

We are excited, and I am excited to have something to blog about- seeing as my content river was running dry!  We'll keep you posted on the updates, and have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Tour | Dining Room & Hallway

This is the lame part of the tour [you can see the other rooms here, here, here and here]. But, it's a room in our place.

I wish I could tell you I make Ryan gourmet meals, and we eat them here and have deep philosophical conversations.  Truth is, the table ends up being more of a drop zone than anything else.  We've caught the room on a good day.  So picture mail, grocery bags and the like all over the table.  So where do we usually eat?  Right here-

The other day Ryan said he doesn't want kids because then we would have to eat dinner at the table.  Sadly, I have to agree!

So here is the dining room.  From this picture you can see the living room to the left, and the kitchen to the right.

I found this table at an awesome consignment store near us.  We needed a new table because after our wedding we realized our new plates were too big to have two on our table.  We loved the oval size and black finish.  It also was nice that it was under $150.  The chairs are a mis-match of the old table chairs and Ikea chairs.

The wooden dresser to the right of the kitchen entry was a fun thrift store find of mine.  I wanted something to put wine in, and wanted it to fit within the small wall.  I found this real wood drawer thing. It isn't really a dresser- as the top opens to a few mounted wooden spindles.  I have no clue what it is- but for $40 I was sold.

Right now it holds wine and decorating items.  I also really love the Greek key-esque detailing on the trim.

Adorable! The top of the dresser has these cute candle holders from Pottery Barn

Along with our tile we picked up in Spain to remember our anniversary.

Speaking of our anniversary, for our first year anniversary my dad made us this Anniversary Box.

It is made from driftwood he picked up from our wedding.  The idea behind it is to put in a memento from each anniversary.  Right now it has some corks and matches from our wedding.

Above the dresser we have a photo montage- using my absolutely favorite wood gallery frames from Pottery Barn.  I love a good chunky mat.

The other side of the wall has two shelves that I have had since high school.  I spray painted them black back in college.  They house a few frames and knick-knacks.  This one has an elephant (of course) and a leftover glass candle from our wedding.

This is a pastel courtesy of Ryan's grandpa George.  The "M" I picked up at Hobby Lobby (oh how I wish we had those near!) The bird was my mom's- and my grandparent's have the same one in their guest bathroom.

The last wall piece- a picture that I scored for $10 from Wal-Mart.  Gotta love the clearance end caps!

And, this tour was to include our hallway, so here you go!

The photo above was painted by Ryan's grandpa as well.  It is of Carmel/Monterey and has a Cypress Tree.  I framed it for Ryan for our anniversary last year.

There you have it.  Our dining room and hallway!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

an update.

I've watched the house hunting shows on HGTV for years.  And, even as a kid I was included on the oh-so-many house hunting trips.  I always figured when it became my time to hunt for my house, it would be fun.  The bees knees.  But oh no.  This girl hates it.

The ups and downs are draining.  And it seems we are having a few more downs than ups.  But  in any case, an update.  We had our inspection last week.  And it was pouring rain.  The inspectors said this was the best weather for an inspection as it would show problems that may not normally be seen.  Lovely.

It started great.  The furnace was newer, the previous owner updated the service box, there were no leaks to be seen, etc.  But then the roofer arrived.  And after just a few short minutes he came down to explain the roof was shot.  Then I started bawling.  I kid you not- my Realtor thinks I'm nuts!  The inspector gave us an estimate and it wasn't welcomed news.

Since the place is bank owned, and there were many offers on the place, the odds are not in our favor to get  any sort of compensation for the roof.  But, we are going to try.  They wouldn't let us ask for a credit without a roof replacement estimate.  We got this today, and will be submitting the counter tomorrow.  So we'll see how it goes.  "We'll see" seems to be our new mantra for house hunting.

But beyond boring adult stuff, my sister came to visit.  She left today- was a short trip- but we had fun nonetheless.  Riley, while not uber welcoming when she was here, has been howling today.  I think she misses her roomie!

So, what'd we do all weekend?  Well, a lot of lounging.

Because it was raining.  But on Saturday we went to Berkeley to Solemates to get a bad-chemical-free mani pedi.  It was wonderful, and if you haven't been to this salon, go.  It is so relaxing and clean.  And super cute.  You also get tea!  Here is what our nails look like, and my souvenir from Angela!

We also ate at Cheeseboard- which was oh-so-yummy.  We really wanted to sit inside and listen to the band.  But after a few minutes of trying to steal other patrons seats, we gave up and ate the meal in our car (since it was pouring).

Sunday Angela made us breakfast.  Pardon the smoke : )

And then we got in the car and went to wine country.  But, the lesser known area called Livermore (it's closer.  Lame, we know!)

It was a lovely day out and a perfect day for free wine!

Monday, Ryan had to work like a dog, and we went to coffee with Rhonda- always a good time.  The rest of the day was lazy which included lunch in Danville, a trip Target, a movie on royals and more coffee.  It was a fun weekend (sans the housing debacle) and we only wish Angela lived closer.  But alas, she has New York to conquer!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home Tour | Guest Room

Or guitar room.  Or Ryan's room.  Or room-full-o-stuff.  This is the room in our house that has to have many hats.  So we've set it up as such.

Coming from college, we had two beds, so we were set to have a guest bed in this room. The frame is from Ryan's college bed, and the bedding from my college stuff.  It's a mis-match, but does the job.

The photo over the chest of drawers is from Jake Early.  I bought this for Ryan as a graduation gift before we moved from Chico.

The frames above the bed are from Ikea, and just have some cute fabric in them.  Super cheap art.

The desk is where Ryan works.  Above it are shelves from Ikea that hold photos, office gear, and our cute "M" that my dad made.

You can also see the frame that has a print with "Our Family"

I made this for our wedding, to share family photos.

The black shelf also has our wedding invite framed (since I slaved away making these by hand...)

Beyond the two guitars in the other corner, Ryan's recording/music equipment is in the closet, and in these trunks. (The bottom one was Ryan's grandpa George's.)

And, just a few other shots.

Hallway with closet and route to bathroom

And, no blog entry or house tour would be complete without a glamour shot of the kid:

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