Saturday, January 29, 2011

so why the elephants?

My dad asked me the other day as to why we had elephants as our blog background.  No, it does not have to do with any political ties, but has to do with Ryan.

Growing up, Ryan's favorite animal was an elephant.  When I asked him why, he doesn't really have a good answer.  So who knows where this came from.

In any case, he was an elephant lover.  The picture below from Spain is evident that he still is.

But, my sister decided it was the funniest thing, and over the years has given him countless elephant gifts.  It's a tradition you could say.

From Angela!

And, as the years go by, I think they are just darn cute- and they make me think of Ryan (aw).  So now I have an eye for elephant goods.

They also symbolize luck, and who doesn't need that from time-to-time.  But, from browsing around, here are some cute elephant items available:

Elephant place card holders for a fun par-tay-

Reusable wrapping paper, or a fun piece of fabric to craft something out of-

Lovely elephant good luck necklace from my favorite, Dog Eared-

And for a future bambino(a) [talking way future people] this adorable elephant pillow

1 comment:

  1. Ryan has YEARS of elephant presents ahead of him...

    And those things you found are super cute - I might have to take note for next christmas/birthday...


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