Sunday, January 16, 2011


I love organizing.  Love it.

An aspect of organizing that I love- purging.  It is somewhat nonsensical- getting excited about donating/recycling/landfilling things that you paid money for.  But I hate clutter.  I hate overstuffed drawers and closets. I hate it!

The January purge session sparked when I went to put our suitcases away.  They live above our coats in the closet, and I spotted a Target coat I bought in freshman year of college.  I think I wore it once.  Striking gold I grabbed it, threw it in a bag, and thus began our Q12011 "let's get rid of everything we own" spree.

Between all of our closets, rooms, drawers, and under the bed items we had an enormous pile going.  A pile that makes me smile.  And it isn't so I can buy more stuff.  No, no.  It is so I can fulfill my dream of having nothing under our beds, and closets where the hangers are 1/2 inch apart.  None of this shoved in nonsense that we've got going on.

So after two full weeks of assessing every nook and cranny, we have you the Mordoff donation pile:

Impressive isn't it?

Now, since we are house-hunting, and with luck on our side, we may be homeowners this year.  Which means we can deduct.  Finally.  So I have to make sure that we are meticulous about tracking our donations.  The last thing I want is an audit gone awry.

After a quick google search, I found this great site that shows you at what amounts you can value your items.  It basically comes down to what Goodwill could sell them for at their stores.  So all I will do is create a google doc spreadsheet (oh how I love google docs) and keep a 2011 inventory.  Then come tax time in 2012 I will honestly know what we donated.  Awesome.

So there you have it! Organize, purge, donate!


  1. Thanks! Speaking of which - saw Easy A. Thought it was great.

  2. I still think Christina has a career future in home-organization!

  3. Do all of your hangers match?


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