Thursday, January 27, 2011


I should really work for Like, seriously.

I will blab and blab to anyone who will listen to me about but only because I am so in love. Because it is so dang useful. And it's free.

So for those of you that I've already told. Sorry. And since I'm pretty sure my sisters and grandma (hey guys!) are the only ones that read this, my apologies.

So Ryan actually told me about mint first, and I hate to admit this. Because I like to be the cooler one of us. But he was, so kudos! So what you do is create an account, and enter all of your bank info.

And before you freak out, it is safe. Totally safe. They have the best security that you can, you can't take any money from your mint account, and if someone were to log in to your mint account, they wouldn't be able to see your log in and ids for your accounts. Oh, and it is the same company as Turbo Tax. So it's legit.

So now that we are past that, what is the point? Well it shows you how much money (or debt) that you have. You can track your spending and saving. So any time you use an account (credit cards, debit accounts, loans) it will show up in mint. It then organizes purchases into categories. So it knows when we go to Safeway, that is a grocery expense. Then, you can pull up each category and see what you are spending.

It was quite a day when we saw how much we were actually spending at Starbucks. Especially considering we are owners of a great espresso machine. It was an eye opener. We claimed to be savers, but once we got a mint account, we realized we definitely had room to grow.

You can also create an easy budget. I had tried doing this before in excel, but it was a pain. With mint, it is so easy- you don't have to do anything! (Except stick to it of course!)

I also get email alerts for low balances, when my paycheck clears, when bills are paid and for any odd purchases- which you could say makes it safer since someone/something is tracking that.

All in all, it is a great tool to keep you on top of your finances and I thought i'd share!


  1. I just checked and Intuit, the company that owns, has a lot of job recs open and offices in Mountain View. Just saying,,,,

  2. There you go Christina - a job opportunity! These tech companies need non-techies to market their products - it would be a perfect fit.

  3. I finally signed up for a account this morning! And I put the app on my phone. I'm a little confused as to how the budget part works but I'm sure I will figure it out after using it for awhile. Thanks for the motivation to finally do this!

  4. I'll have to take a look! And glad to hear you signed up! Happing Minting!


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