Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cast iron.

So way back when, when I was registering for our wedding, I spent a lot of time researching pots and pans.  I had read about how teflon isn't good for you (in case it flakes off in your food) and wanted top-quality cookware that I would have for a while (so I didn't have to keep rebuying equipment).  I ended up with a lovely set (Thanks Mordoff''s East) but had also looked into cast iron.  I had registered for a cast iron skillet to complement my set, but didn't get it.  And with more important things to buy, I hadn't gotten around to picking it up.

Last weekend Ryan wanted to cook dinner, and he made Cajun Chicken past via The Pioneer Woman. We've made it before, but something wasn't quite right.  In her recipe, she uses a cast iron skillet.  As we were reading the post to find what items we needed from the grocery store, I thought I'd head to target.com to see the cost of a skillet.  For a 10 incher, it was only $18 .  So Ryan went to Safeway to pick up the ingredients, and I went to Target to pick up the skillet.  (It's a few bucks cheaper at Amazon.)

It was like night and day.  The food was more flavorful and it really browned the chicken and vegetables well- it was amazing.

So the benefits?  Well it puts much-needed  iron into your food, doesn't leach chemicals, is naturally nonstick once it is well seasoned, it is a bargain but not a get-what-you-pay-for situation, and this thing will last a lifetime and gets better with age.  Seriously, my children are going to be fighting over who will inherit this sucker someday.

I'm exited to have this little guy in my home and look forward to making many-a-meals with it!


  1. Your children will not fight over a skillet.


  2. I disagree. We'll revisit in 50 years.

  3. We have been talking about getting one of these! Let me know how you like it!

  4. I love it! I also ordered a griddle with a gift card from amazon for our weekend pancake breakfasts.

    If you get one, make sure you read up on the care. You can't wash them and have to pre-heat them before you cook. Not too much work, but can ruin it if you don't follow.

  5. Maybe I'll just have to get one when I get all the other pots and pans. A few more dollars won't matter, right?

    Thanks for the tips.


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