Monday, January 17, 2011

bills, bills, bills.

No, this is not about my Grandpa, dad and brother (ha!). But actual, lamesauce bills.

Back when I was a one girl show, and only had my few bills to pay, it was easy to keep it all straight. I knew when rent was due, when I was to pay off my Visa, and PGE. I think that was it. So easy!

But throw a husband and growing up into the mix, and more bills come. (I can only imagine what kids bring to the table. ugh.) When we said "I do" I inherited some guitars, more boxers than a man needs, and an additional set of credit cards. If you open our wallets, we look nuts. We each have a checking account, then our joint account. We each have our own c.c., and then one that we share. We also have an amex- but only for Costco. Then between att, cable, rent, gym membership...gosh knows what else, it gets confusing as to when things are due, and who is in charge.

It took us a while to get the swing of things (including a few negligent charges because we thought each other had taken care of that bill). So I thought I'd share how the hubs and I deal with the bills.

First off, we online pay. For everything. Even our Chipotle orders. It's how we roll, and we think it is safe. You just need a tricky password and rotate it from time to time. We also log in to all of the time (and when I say we, I mean me) to ensure no odd charges have come up.

Next order of business is Google docs spreadsheets. I've developed a recent love affair with google docs. From trip planning, to keeping lists, it's great. What we do is have a file called "Bills". Then I shared it with Ryan, so we each can contribute, save, and see what each other person has done.

Each tab is a month, and every month the same column is there (SW Visa, Rent, Cable, ATT, etc). The second column is the amount, the third the date paid, and the last is that confirmation number they give you. So when I pay the SW visa on the 17th, I open my google doc, put in the amount, the date and the confirmation code. Click save, and voilĂ ! Bill is paid.

We had tried an old school method of writing in down, and putting it in a folder. It was ok, but we found that when we paid something at work, or when we were out and about, we'd forget to log the payment. Thus making the whole system useless.

Lastly, we delegate. Ryan is responsible for x, y, z- me for a, b, c. But, in the event of an emergency, we each know the log-ins and passwords for everything.

This method allows us to know if something has been paid, and track trends of the payments. It seems to be working out really well for us- so I thought I'd share. Happy bill paying!

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  1. Bills are lame. It's the one major downer in my new life.

    But a good system, nonetheless. A good system to keep in mind when one day, I have someone else to share the misery with. :)


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