Sunday, December 12, 2010


I had a better-than-expected birthday due to all of my awesome friends!  Between my work friends, old friends and new friends- it was a great weekend- so thank you all!

Saturday and today I went shopping, and I was able to conquer a good chunk of our list.  Just a few more gifts and we (I- since "we" is gone) will be done.  The gifts have been wrapped in coordinated paper, and and were placed under our tree.  I had to move them though, because Riley has taken to scaling our Christmas tree this year, which means I sit on the couch and squirt her with water, which means gifts were getting wet.  So, now we have a Christmas TV Table (since the gifts are under this).

I felt like baking some cookies, and I wanted coffee flavored ones.  I love online recipes, because I hate having cabinets full of books.  Especially since I usually only cook a few things out of each book.  But, I digress.  Within seconds I found the trophy winning recipe from Food52, Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies. They were easy to make, and I had all the ingredients on hand, including the instant espresso that it requires.  Between my Kitchenaid, awesome cookie sheets and my favorite, cookie scooper- I was set- and they turned out great.  If you decide to check them out, please note the dough is really, really thick.  Oh, and it needs 2.25 STICKS of butter, not cups (almost screwed these suckers up within the first few seconds. yikes.)

I'm now going to cozy up on the couch, grab a few cookies, some wine in my new cool glasses, and watch Christmas Cupid on ABC family.  I've been waiting weeks for this- it's going to be good!

1 comment:

  1. glad you had a good birthday!

    AND. those cookies look delicious. perfect pairing with wine :)

    haha - and you WOULD be excited for Christmas Cupid. Sigh...


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