Friday, December 31, 2010

fogged in.

Greetings from Chicago!  That's right, Ryan and I are still here, and aren't leaving for a few days.  We were all ready to leave for the airport, and I went to print off our boarding passes.  When I clicked ok, a error box popped up saying our flight was canceled.  I didn't quite understand since it was not snowing, and the roads were clear.

I called southwest and they said that Midway airport was closed due to fog.  Hmm- didn't look foggy to me, but what can you do?  We figured we'd be on a plane the next morning, but nope- not till January 2nd!  So we'll be here for a few more days and ring in the new year in Naperville. 

Oh well, the time off is nice and we are having fun with the family.  We've done a lot of hanging around, drinking wine and eating- it's been fabulous!

As everyone was hanging out, I spent a good amount of time going through my childhood memories.  I had a ton of stuff, and with the threat that these things would end up with me one day, I knew it was time to purge.  Things that I had no clue what they meant were the first to go.  I also kept some ridiculous things, like every mylar balloon I've ever been given.  There were fun things to look at, like a karaoke video of Matt and I, various essays and letters from old love interests from Junior High.  All in all, it made for a fun evening.  Some items I wanted to remember, but didn't want, so since it is the digital age I snapped some photos.

My only trophies to my name, slightly depressing

I also had a slight obsession with Orca's (note, they are not Killer Whales).  While I found orca trinkets thrilling and a good use of my money as a kid, I do not feel that way anymore, so I filled a box with the sea mammals to send to Goodwill.

yep, I kept an Orca puzzle.
On Monday the family loaded up the Pilot and head to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.  This place was HUGE.

Beyond being huge, since it was winter break, it was full of kids.  And annoying kids.  This trip helped to set our child wants/needs back a few years.  I thought an excellent exhibit would be to teach kids museum etiquette.

My favorite exhibit was the human body area.  They had real embryos and fetuses in formaldehyde.  While slightly eerie, it was really interesting to see.  I actually remember seeing these as a kid when we came here for my dad's work holiday party.

Creepy fetus photo collage with Ryan and I courtesy of my dad

The museum also had a toy factory/plant, exhibit on farming, a train set and mini Chicago, locomotive, baby chicks- and much more.  We were pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

Other than that, we've been just hanging around.  It's been fun, but feels slightly weird to be stuck somewhere.  We are looking forward to being reunited with Riley in a few days.  Ryan's also excited to go home since he was only in CA for 5 days last month. 


  1. I'm glad you are having fun in Chicago! Good job going through your childhood stuff. I really need to do that one of these days...

  2. you still have that papier-mâché thing?

    did you know that papier-mâché means "chewed paper"? you should do a post on that

  3. No- we have thrown out the paper mache screamer. It was time for her to go.


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