Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas at the symphony

Last night Ryan and I went to the Davies Symphony Hall to see 'Twas the Night.  A few members from the symphony, a few choir members, a pianist and an organist performed a collection on holiday tunes.  It was fun!  They even had a few that were sing-a-longs.  It certainly helped to kick off the next few days of holiday cheer.

We arrived a bit later than expected, and didn't have time to dress appropriately.  But, luckily we were up in the nose bleeds, and everyone around us didn't seem to know that jeans aren't really acceptable symphony wear. So it all worked out.

The lead Soprano ran the show.  She was slightly obnoxious.  Ryan said she had too much vibrato.  I thought she had too many dresses. Every other song she came out in a new gown.  And the crowd would go wild.  It reminded me of the scene in Drop Dead Gorgeous when Kirstie Alley kept changing her dresses and said, "Is that applause for me, or my gown?" (In a Wisconsin accent of course.)  Good times.

During intermission I grabbed some Champagne, but had to down it quickly.  I don't know why the sell drinks if they don't provide enough time to finish.  We also ran into a family friend.

The second half was fun, and had more sing-a-long options.  Ryan claimed this was practice for church tomorrow.  And it's true.  They sang the fun songs, we sang O Holy Night.

After the show Ryan unwrapped his gifts, which compared to mine, kinda sucked.  Oh well.  There's always next year!  Tomorrow we are off to Chicago- and the forecast is calling for snow!  So it'll be a White Christmas for the Solomon-Mordoff clan.

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