Monday, November 15, 2010

it was meant for me.

I hadn't purchased a case for my iPhone as of last week.  I had been using my free bumper- which worked ok, but didn't fit my off-brand chargers that I have.

Last week I bought a slim black case at Nordstrom- but decided while it was cute, it didn't really protect the front of the phone- aka the most important part.  I took off the case in the car so I could return it.  As I was getting out to go to the ATM my iPhone fell on the pavement.  I kid you not.  I haven't been anywhere near close to dropping this sucker for the past few months that I've had it.  But, go figure the few minutes its not in a case it falls on the pavement.  Luckily it landed on its back.  But damn.  Serious disappointment there.

After I returned my case to Nordstrom, I stopped in the Kate Spade store- and stumbled upon the Christina iPhone 4 case:

It's black and white and green.  Perfect.

And, it protects the front better than my bumper, and will work with the chargers.  Thank you Kate Spade!


  1. Way cute! And definitely perfect for you. What's the latest on the house search? I'm dying to hear about your find this weekend!

  2. um - I can't afford an iPhone and I can't afford a Kate Spade iPhone case - but I love it!

    But if i could... my style, too :)


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