Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Home Tour | Living Room

I love our apartment, and am running out of things to write about- so here begins the first in a series of a tour of our house.  And, it is fitting since most of my family hasn't seen our place put together.

We thought we were the luckiest people on earth when we found our place.  It is quiet, has tall ceilings and was recently renovated.  Basically we know that this will be the nicest place we live in for awhile given the real estate around here.  So we are enjoying ourselves and our fancy-free life!

Here is the layout of our place (but flip flopped- I didn't feel like opening photoshop, so bear with me):


Today we will be touring the Living Room.  AKA where I spend most of my time.  My apologies for the dark photos- I wasn't in the mood to adjust the settings for a few of these shots.  So here it is, in all its glory.

Close up of our pillows.  Right now we are in "fall" mode.  I sewed the b&w stripped pillows.  The yellow ones were a fantastic find from Dwell Studio's line at Target.  Come winter I will change the yellow pillow, then bring it back for spring.

Our end tables were finds from Goodwill when I moved into my apartment in Chico.  They were $10 for the pair.  They are a bit on the short end, so I put a vintage suitcase on top which makes it taller, and it stores some decorating items.  My sis got Ryan that elephant, the sand in the square vase is from the spot we got engaged at in Monterey, the orange candle is from Roth and Norma's wedding and the frame is clearance from Pottery Barn.

The ladder shelf on the right is from Target.  I got it on super-duper clearance, and blogged about it back in 2009.  The window nook is where Riley hangs.  She loves her bed and personal window.

Love, love, love this garden stool.  I bought it for my 25th birthday (yep I get myself gifts from time to time).  It was only $20 from Big Lots.  These stools usually go for $70-$100-$200!

These candles were purchased and used at our wedding.  They now live on our coffee table.

Our coffee table has a shelf, and on one side it has coffee table books.  The bottom book is our wedding album, then we have a book on Michelangelo, our wedding vows, and the book every home decor aficionado needs: Domino. The white milk glass dish was a few bucks from a thrift store.

Other side of the coffee table shelf.  Bowl of balls.  And, basket that is home to our remotes, tissues and place mats for eating.

This chair was only $40 from Pier 1.  It retailed for over $100, but I bought the floor model and bargained down the price.  It was as-is, put together, and couldn't be put on hold.  I felt like hot stuff leaving Pier 1 with my deal of the century.  Joke was on me when it couldn't fit into my Civic.  I had to call Ryan to come pick me up in his parents Pilot.  Meanwhile I sat in the parking lot, in my chair.  Oh well- I saved $60!

And lastly, I'll leave you with photos of my bike.  I bought this on Craigslist.  I love it because it is old and green .  Since you can see it from the slider, I decided to dress it up for fall.

So there you have it, our Living Room.  Just imagine me on the couch, with Riley on my lap.


  1. I have definite apartment envy/ I miss my apartment in Bloomington/ look at all of that space you have to roam around! *Sigh".... NYC...

    LOVE all of the decorations & ESPECIALLY the elephant.

    I can't wait to come visit and lounge on the couch next to you & Riley :)

  2. I need to hire you to decorate our house. ASAP. It needs some style!


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