Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I love Trader Joe's

Today is my day off- thank you Mr. Columbus!  We are having some of Ryan's awesome co-workers over tonight, so I spent the morning running around to get supplies for our Mordoff-Taco-Night!  Yum.

Last time we had them over we made margaritas.  Now, I make pretty awesome margaritas- I'm not going to lie.  I get it from my dad, he makes the world's best margaritas.  But, I didn't want to be slaving away at my blender all night.  So when we were at TJ's a few months back, I grudgingly picked up a on-the-rocks margarita mix.

It turned out to be wonderful.  And a crowd pleaser.  We had gone back a few weeks later to pick up more, and it was no longer there.  However, today when I was picking up my other items, there it was, next to the  Blood Mary mix!  I grabbed 4.

Our go to meal for when we haven't planned out dinner is gnocchi and pesto.  In fact, if you come over to our place for dinner, you will most likely be eating this meal.  It's easy, and tastes so good. We ate this so much in Italy, and now are obsessed.  TJ's had the best gnocchi (only $1.99) and pesto.  So every time we go grocery shopping we pick up a few.  Today I was surprised to find whole wheat gnocchi!  I almost screamed when I spotted it!

We always try and eat whole wheat whenever we can, so having it in our gnocchi is going to make it that much better.  Well, jury's still out as if it will taste good.  But I am banking on yes.

So there you have it, today was grand due to whole wheat gnocchi.


  1. I'm jealous you had today off. I didn't even realize it was Columbus Day until 2PM (sad).
    You definitely make the best margaritas! And I will have to try the Trader Joe's gnocchi.
    Have fun tonight :)

  2. i never eat gnochhi - not sure why, because it's delish.. but i just never think to buy it.

    at the yacht club, they would always put a few gnochhis in their tomato soup. it was always good!


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