Sunday, October 24, 2010

it's fall!

My favorite time of the year is between October and December.  I love fall.  I love my birthday.  I love Christmas.  It's the time of the year I get to see my family, buy presents, be festive, the list goes on.

The weather here has been strange, and it finally cooled down this weekend.  And it rained.  I love rain.  And I love a good rainy weekend.  On Saturday Ryan and I ran all over town picking up things for our Halloween costumes.  We are going to Tudi and Kathleen's for their always-awesome Halloween party.  Our last year costume of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar was awesome- this year isn't going to be anywhere as good, but I'm still going to give it my all.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Halloween Costume

I can't wait to have kids so I can put together their costumes too.  I think that would be my dream job- creating Halloween costumes.

We also decided to add to the fun and pick up our pumpkins.  We went to a local pumpkin patch.  But, when we entered and saw that a decent sized pumpkin was $20- we left.  What a rip off!  So we ended up picking up 2 for $12 at Whole Foods.  Later that night we watched the Giant's game and carved away.  We also received a face time call from Bill and Andrew, as they were carving their pumpkins!

We also made pumpkin seeds.

And here is the finished product.

Yep, that is Doug and Patty.  And Riley really liked them.

We finished off the evening with our annual showing of Hocus Pocus, then went to bed.  This morning we made Rhonda's Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning, and working on our costumes.  This coming week is packed-full-o-fun.  Scott's in town, Sufjan concert with my soul mate and the guys, softball, work Halloween party, Scott's gig in Sac (hopefully with Brie in tow), T&K's party, and Halloween night at the in-laws.  Yikes. Coffee will be needed for sure!  Peace!


  1. Too much autumnal fun.

    Your being festive makes up for my complete lack thereof.

    Can't wait to see your and Ryan's costumes!

  2. I can't wait to see your costumes. They are always so creative!


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