Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's been a busy, busy week. But tons-o-fun.

On Tuesday, Ryan, Scott, Kevin, Dani and I loaded up in the Civic and went to Taco Bell. Then off to Oakland to see Sufjan Stevens. Taco Bell was amazing. And, news alert, they have two new sauces (!). Sufjan was on speed.

Kevin excited for the new sauces!
When we got home I stayed up late to watch Glee. It was awesome.

On Wednesday I had my last softball game of the season. Since many people didn't show up, I was placed at second base. It turned sour when a lefty hit a line drive straight to my leg. It hurt and I was over it! I now have a painful and uber ugly bruise on my leg.

On Thursday I gave blood for the first time. I had to wait awhile since the center was busy. But the giving blood part was much easier than I expected. It didn't hurt, didn't feel weird, and I didn't have any negative reactions. When I got back to work, I felt a bit light headed for a few minutes. But some apple juice and crackers cleared that up. I am excited to find out my blood type and donate again in January!

Friday was our work party. It basically meant I was way too excited to be functional at all. A lot of people dressed up, so it was fun. We had a costume contest and I am proud to say I was one of the winners with my home-crafted flight attendant costume! I also came with luggage, oxygen mask, seat belt and drink cart. I think the latter items are what sealed the deal.

Then Friday we were off to Sacramento! We stopped at Brie's house first. Ryan finally got to see her place and meet Cougs! Then we went to see A Touch of Grass and the Hot Tar Roofers (Pictures will come later once I get some from Brie!). The show was great, and here is a clip of one of my favs.

Then yesterday we were off to Tudi and Kathleen's for their annual Halloween party. It was fun to see them again, and they are always gracious hosts. Here is our costume for 2010- Doug and Patty.

Today we are chill-laxing and will be headed to Ryan's folks for dinner and passing out candy. I am excited to see all the kids in their costumes.


  1. Sufjan wasn't on speed.... He was just dancing like there was no tomorrow

  2. so many things to comment on!

    1. That is an icky bruise. Thanks for the photo.
    2. I love the line, "It basically meant I was way too excited to be functional at all."
    3. All around fabulous costumes this year. A+.
    4. Ryan's YouTube link didn't work, so I can't weigh in on the "was he or wasn't he on speed" debate.


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