Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happiness for Two

I love scouring Anthropologie.  While I can't afford half their goods, I love their housewares items and fun assortment of books.  It is here where I first discovered the Penguin Classics.  But, I order them at, because who pays full price for books?  Here are the books that live in our home:

So when I was at Anthropologie a few weeks back, I was browsing the books, and taking pictures of books that I wanted to get from  I found a book called, "Happiness for two".  It had two cherries on it, and looked interesting.

Upon further inspection I found it was basically a "self help book" with mantras to help find more joy together in your relationship.

Now let's back up.  More joy?  Your probably thinking, "holy cow, it has only been a year and you two are already having issues!?!?"  Nope.  Happy to say that is not the case.  After almost 10 wonderful years, we are going strong.  But, it doesn't hurt to do routine maintenance every once and awhile.  One of my favorite parts in our wedding ceremony was about how a relationship is alive, ever-changing, and needs nurturing.  So for $13 bucks, I bought us some nurture.

When the book arrived in the mail, we thought it would be sweet to read a chapter out loud to each other before we go to bed.  And I am happy to say it has been nice.  It is a good way to relax for a minute before we get to bed.  The chapters aren't long- only about a page and a half, and are fairly repetitive in the content- but they get the point across.

The only thing we don't like is the overuse of the word "lover".  We hate that word.  Right up there with casserole.  But, it adds humor as we are reading, which I think is fun.

Since the book was written by a female, and chapters include titles like "Assume more responsibility at home", "Bring flowers home", and "Remember important dates"- Ryan believes it is slightly one sided.  I have to respectfully disagree : )

So check the book out.  It puts positive thought and ideas in your head, sparks good conversation, and is full of love(r).


In the interest of love, check out this beautiful wedding.

And, watch this video.  I cried when I saw it.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

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  1. A lovely post.

    Reading to each other is very sweet & endearing, and it makes me happy to hear you put so much thought & effort into your marriage.



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