Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Day 12 | Madrid to Toronto to San Francisco

After 12 lovely days, it was time to say adios to Spain.  Our flight didn't leave until lunch time, so we weren't rushed in the morning.  Ryan was determined to take the metro all the way to the airport to save the 40/50 euro cab ride.  I was on board, as long as he asked the front desk how to get there (Ryan doesn't always like to ask...)  He did, knew the route, and we were on our way.

Instead of having to switch the metro three times, we took a train, then one metro ride.  Besides having to lift our overly-heavy bags up and down stairs a few times, it went pretty smoothly. Soon enough we were in the Air Canada line, ready to go.

When we were in Italy, they checked you in based on your flight.  So if your flight left at 11am, they wouldn't let you check in until 10am. I hated this, because we are chronic early arrivers to the airport.  Ok, I shouldn't say "we", I insist, and Ryan follows suite.  But, Spain was great and let us check in right when we got there.  After making it through security and passport control, we were able to relax.

We hadn't eaten breakfast, and we had a few euros we needed to spend, so we picked up some food.  We both had seen the drink, Cacaolat, and wanted to try it.  We never got around to it, so we were excited to see that the airport had it in stock.

It was yummy, basically chocolate milk.

The rest of the day was flying.  We had an updated plane this time, so we each had personal TVs that worked.  It was nice because I was able to watch a few movies I had wanted to see (Sex and the City 2, and Letters to Juliet).

We landed a bit late in Toronto, so we had to book it to the gate.  We really didn't have much time to spare once we got there, so we were very happy that we didn't have to hang in Toronto to catch a later flight.

Ryan's parents were waiting for us at SFO, then dropped us off at home.  We came home to a cat that wouldn't stop meowing (it wasn't cute- but very annoying).  And a bag full of Food Should Taste Good chips from Taylor!

We enjoyed our trip to Spain so much- and we can't thank Norma and Roth enough for inviting us to their wedding.  Now that we've checked Spain off our list, we are ready for our next world adventure- any suggestions?


  1. Adios!

    And I forgot to mention this in a past post - but whenever I make it out to visit you guys, I want to make paella! That pan is a rad souvenir (although quite heavy, i imagine)

  2. also - even though your trip is done, i expect regular blogging. thanks.

  3. oh yes, Paella is in order. And the pan was actually pretty light.


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