Monday, October 25, 2010

Blood will be drawn!

If you don't all know Brie- she's one of my bestest buds, and all-around the coolest girl you'd know.  And she has the cutest cat. Ever.

She's worked at Blood Source for over two years, and has been talking to me about donating blood ever since.  But, I had never taken the plunge.

 But, fear not!  This Thursday I am going to be driving to my local blood donation center for my first ever blood donation!  I am scared, but excited!

A few of my coworkers are going to drive me, in the off chance that I get light-headed.  I'm just hoping that  my iron levels are ok, and that everything else checks out so I can donate.

Till then, I am drinking water galore and charging my iPod so I can zone out.

Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. ew. that's a graphic blog post title.

    but i'm proud of you for giving blood. i've done it a few times, and since i have low blood pressure (ie opp of you these days :) ] it takes FOREVER! in college, i was there for 2 hrs once... not good. but you get a cookie in the end, so it all evens out.


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