Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thoughts on Spain

I am going to write a play-by-play of each day in Spain (lucky you!)- but I wanted to first tickle your taste-buds with a few anecdotes.

1. I should have paid more attention in Spanish.

I wish I could go back to younger Christina and tell her, yes, this Spanish will one day come in handy.  I remember learning about train platforms, paying at the cash register and papeleria's.  Well we got confused at the train station, bought a bunch of stuff- and I saw a papeleria (didn't really believe that existed!).

This trip would have been 10x better if I could say more than, gracias, la cuenta por favor, and quiero un tall latte.

2. Spain has got it going on.

The trends we saw whilst walking the streets were fantastic.  We both wished we would have snapped more photos.

a. rat tails

we saw too many to even believe.  Both young and old.  And always not necessary.

b. sandals with backs

Almost every girl was sporting gladiator sandals with a back heel/cover (what do you call that??).  After leaving, I was thinking I wanted some.  Not sure if it was because everyone else had them...

c. hammer pants

yep- I couldn't believe it either, but these pants were everywhere.  Let's hope this isn't a trend that crosses the Atlantic!

d. stripes

I saw many people wearing striped shirts, but I love this!  Wish I would have brought mine to look like a local!

3. I hate street performers.

And Spain had some of the worst.  I will give them credit for their creativity.  In SF we usually have the spray-painted-silver-dude with the mouth thingy that makes noise.  Spain's went above and beyond.  But to a place I did not like.  I do not like to be scared, so I do not appreciate when people hide/dress up as things that look like they shouldn't move.  Scaring me will not help you get money.

And, dressing up as hello kitty or mickey is one thing.  But at least keep your head on.  Lifting it to take your oh-so-important phone call removes all fantasy of your outfit.

4. The Mordoff's have too many camera's


ok, I can't really say much since 1/2 of those are ours.  But I think we have single-handedly kept Nikon in business this year. you're welcome.


  1. #1 - Totally agree
    #2 - What was going on with the rat tails? I also saw some mullets.
    Pretty much wish I would have bought some sandals with backs.
    Holy smokes what was with the hammer pants?
    #3 - creative and annoying
    #4 - I think 3 out of the 5 camera's involved in that picture are yours :) love it.

  2. OK - let's see some pictures!! With all that digital power, we who never travel should be in for a treat!

  3. are mullets/rattails EVER necessary?

  4. eveyone in nyc wears those gladiator sandals w/ backs - so if you purchase, you'd be on trend..

    there's also a papeleria in soho.

    no rattails in ny, however - so spain sounds like a WHOLE other world. :) excited for pics!


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