Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 3 | Tossa de Mar August 28

We slept in today due to our full day of traveling and late night from the day before.  It was nice not to have a full agenda, so we weren't upset about getting a little more shut-eye and a later start.  After we showered, we walked around the corner and grabbed some donut-like pastries and cafe con leche.

We walked around the town again, and found a cool pottery store.  I really wanted to get a sangria pitcher, and they had quite the assortment.  I wanted one to match our house, with not too many colors- nor did I want it to say "Sangria" so I could use it for other purposes.  I found this guy, and he came home with us:

We then went on search for a postcard to send to a few people, including ourselves.  We always like to send postcards to ourselves while on trips- it's fun to have them as memories of where we were- and who doesn't like mail?

Me mailing the postcards

After we were done walking around the inside of the city, we went to the beach.  It was a lovely day, and much like yesterday, the beach was full.

Loving the Tossa view!

On our walk we ran into Uncle Roger and Aunt Sue, they were able to point out where we had to be for the wedding.  They were on their way to get ready for photos.  At that point we were hungry, so we ate at our hotel.  I had salmon and gazpacho- can't remember what Ryan had.  But, man oh man, that gazpacho was yummy!

We then went to the beach, at the cove we have found the day before.  It was less crowded, but there were many huge rocks in the water.  Neither of us got in all the way, and we didn't stay for too long, but it was fun nonetheless.

It was time to head back and get ready for the wedding.  But- here are more views from our room!

The wedding was outside at the Hotel Mar Menuda.

They had the ceremony in the garden area.  The set-up was lovely, with crisp white linen chairs and ottomans with orange flowers.

courtesy of Lindsey!

Roth and his mom walked down the aisle first.

Then Norma and her dad.

They had a fairly simple ceremony by most U.S. wedding standards- but we both thought it was lovely and touching, and perfect for them.  Neither had attendants, and Sierra took the duties of "ring bearer".  Norma's cousin presided over the ceremony, and it was spoken in Catalan and English.

Roth and Norma wrote their vows, and exchanged them in their native tongue.  While we couldn't understand what Norma was saying, she started crying- it was so sweet.  No one needed to know what she was saying, because it was clear to all of us.

Then, they were declared husband and wife!

After the ceremony, Norma and Roth were whisked away for pictures.  While they were gone, they had booked one of the tourist trains to take us around the city.  It was so fun!

Ryan and his cousin Sierra
After the way fun tour, we went back to the hotel.  Shortly after, Norma and Roth made their grand entrance, and what an entrance it was!  When they had finished up taking pictures, they were delivered back to the party via a private boat.  The boat pulled up on the beach, and a red carpet was waiting for them.  All of the beach-goers got up and watched as they made their way back up the beach.

It was then officially time to party!  The couple went to the outdoor cocktail hour and greeted everyone, with drink in hand of course!

The cocktail hour had tons of food and drinks- any many food items that I had never tried before- it was fun!

Quail egg on pringle
deep fried sardines

It was then time for dinner.  We were seated with Ryan's parents, cousin, and his cousins Aunt and Uncle, Lynette and Nils.  The room was decorated with orange.

borrowed from Lindsey : )
The girls were given beautiful orange fans that were hand painted by Norma's mom, with the skyline of Tossa.  It also was accompanied by a leaflet that showed what different fan placement meant to Spanish men.  Our was in Spanish, so Ryan and I made up what they meant.

The centerpieces were crazy-they had real fish!  Roth ensured us that they would be put back in the large fish tank following the wedding.

Thinking there was no way we were going to have more food- they brought out appetizers.  But, since we were in Spain, it was way cooler.  The DJ played fun music, and everyone grabbed their napkin and swung it in the air in circles.  Ryan's flew across the room a few times, but all in all- what a fun way to eat!

and yet again, another Lindsey M original!

The food did not disappoint, with a mixture of seafood varieties.  Dinner was yummy, we both got steak, but most of our table ordered the monk fish, complete with crawdad's (or something like that).

turned out to not be sea urchin
she kept stealing the wine all night!

he really wanted a fan : (
After dinner it was time for cake. Their cake had sparklers, and they cut it with a sword.  Ryan was pretty excited about that.

everyone got a little cake

After the cake they had a cake topper, and pranced around the room to music.  They then ended up by two of their friends who were dating and gave them the cake topper, symbolizing they'd be the next to marry.  They did this with the bouquet, which went to Sierra, and with the garter, which went to their friend.  They ended with giving gifts to their parents.

And then we got our dance on.

Roth and Norma went first-

Then, they had a dance with their parents.  And then it was our turn!

First, let's talk about this DJ.  He was hands down the coolest DJ ever.  While playing songs he would interject a sound that was straight out of Mario Kart.  He would also sing, and add English words here and there.

We danced for the rest of the night, including getting on the Christina Mordoff party train.  Everyone had such a blast.

Check it out!

After a night full of dancing, they set up a spread on the beach.  Outside, towels were on the sand, and the tiki torches were lit.  They also had a warm cider-alcohol type drink and cookies.

Some people went swimming, and many people stayed way into the night.  I forgot to mention Ryan's state at this point.  With an open bar, and a love for gin and tonic, he was gone hours ago.  He was found on the beach like this:

So I knew it was time to get him home : )


  1. pretty excited you got video of the DJ! also pretty excited I'm not dancing in the video :)

  2. Ha- I know, I was glad I didn't make the cut either. Your mom was having a ball : )

  3. Hi Christina, the pics and video are awesome, and your comments are hilarious. I have to show them to my family! They will love them.
    Love, Norma and Roth

  4. Glad to hear you are reading! We had such a blast, and it has been fun going back and recounting our trip. We got your thank you card in the mail yesterday- cute picture! It is already on our fridge, which is an honor to make it there : )


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