Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 2| Barcelona to Tossa de Mar August 27

We got off the plane, grabbed our bags, and met Lindsey, Sonny and Juan Carlos to take us to Tossa de Mar.  Juan was our taxi driver- and he was great!  He took us in a VW van, and drove along the coast.

Tossa de Mar is about 90 minutes from the Barcelona airport, and it was a lovely drive.  Tossa de Mar is a part of Costa Brava.

Juan dropped us off at our hotel, Hotel Capri.  Our room was neat, and looked out to the sea.

pardon the mess!

Here is the view from our room's balcony- via youtube.

Click here to see the view!

We all checked in- and a few of the gang were hungry.  I was more eager to shower and change- so I did just that.  Once I was done I met up with them for lunch.  We went to a place right near our hotel, that was on the beach.  Since I wasn't super hungry, I had a plate of tapas.  I also had a cafe con leche-which wasn't a great pairing, but I knew I'd need the kick!

jamon and seafood galore!
After we were all full- we decided to walk up the hill with the castle.  Yes, Tossa is that fancy that it has it's very own castle.

The "kids"
The Castle-Hill
the hubs!
view- and note the church in the middle
pondering life...
we're so artsy
walking back down...
After the castle, we all split up to wander.  Ryan and I went to another hill that we had seen from the castle-hill.

a cool beach/cove
We then went exploring through the city.  It was neat, and reminded us a lot of Italy with the narrow windy streets and cool doors.

we found this little guy while walking
Here is a video of the town of Tossa:

click here to see the town!

We were able to find the church that we saw from the castle, and we stepped inside for a few minutes.

We then went back to the hotel and found Lindsey, Aunt Sue, Uncle Roger and Sierra.  They were all going to the beach, so we went too.  It was pretty hot, so I was looking forward to going swimming.  The beach was pretty crowded, but we were able to find a place to sit.  We didn't bring our camera's so we could go in. This was our second time in the mediterranean- so we thought that was pretty cool!  The water was cold, but we jumped right in, and it was as salty as we remembered.

Since we were in Europe, tops were optional at this beach.  And they are intense tanners.  Many were laying out there for hours, smoking their cigarettes.  Oh to not be worried about cancer!  Ryan got yelled at by one sun bather for blocking her sun- oops!  Meanwhile, I was wrapping the towel all around me since I knew my sunscreen had come off in the water.

Norma, Roth, and a few of their friends came to the beach as well.  It was neat to get to meet their friends, and talk to the soon-to-be-married couple.  They didn't stay too long, as they had to get to the rehearsal.  Shortly thereafter, we left to clean up too.

Us at our hotel

The rehearsal dinner was at a restaurant right near out hotel, so it was super convenient.  We all sat outside, which was lovely since the weather was great.  Norma suggested to order the meat on a stone.  They bring out the meat a bit undercooked, and then you cook it to your liking on a very hot slate stone. Ryan ordered this, I chose a pizza.  Ryan's won.  He claims this is the best steak he has ever had, and stated it as the #1 meal he had while in Spain.  Since we were married, I was entitled to half :) and it was pretty darn good.

the meat.
Roth and I
Sonny and Lindsey
Cousin Sierra on the right
she ordered a shish kabob
and ate it like this
can't forget the sangria!
After our meal, we shared a tiramisu and had espresso.  Then, all the guests went on a walk up to the castle.  It was neat because it was dark out, but the weather was warm and the lights were so pretty.

Once we got to the top, all the youngins stayed back and had a drink at the bar. We all decided on mojitos- so it was a mojito party!  We were able to sit on the deck that overlooked the sea.  The moonlight was amazing.

After, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the BIG DAY!

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