Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Day 1| Aug 26

Today was spent on the plane.

We left in the wee hours of the morning to SFO.  Judi and Ken came to pick us up.  After carrying my bag down the stairs, I knew I had already packed too much.  Oh well!  For Italy I packed too little.  Next trip should be just right.

We parked the car at an off-site lot. And jumped on the shuttle.  Checking in, checking our bags and security went flawless.  With plenty of time to spare, we were able to get breakfast.  And I was in luck because my go-to traveling breakfast food was in our terminal:

That's right, no trip is complete without a trip to BK for the french toast sticks. yum.

The plane boarded- Ryan took the window [as always] and I sat in the center. We were both so excited because each seat had its own tv- we surely thought this flight was going to be top-notch.

Not so.

The gentleman next to me felt his legs could be spread into my designated leg area.  He also felt he could lift the arm rest up, and make himself at home.  Not cool.

We also found that a lovely family of four sat behind us.  You've probably already read my post about this one.  Needless to say, singing moms, kicking children and dad's leaning on the back of your chair make for a long trip.

We couldn't get off that plane fast enough.

We landed in Toronto on time.  The customs line was a bit confusing, but we made it through ok.

Ryan and his parents were hungry, so they went in search for food.  They all came back with hamburgers and fries. I was holding out for the in-flight meal on the next leg of our trip.

Ryan and I at the Toronto Airport
Judi and Ken
Our seats on the next plane were neat, because they were just 2 together.  So Ryan and I didn't have to sit next to anyone else.  Also, the people behind us were perfectly quiet, so we approved.

Our seats didn't have tv's so we thought for sure they would appear from the ceiling like most planes.  Nope.  All they had was one projection TV that could only be seen from the first few rows.  We were in the nose bleeds- so we were out of luck.  Although, when we learned the in flight movies was 1990's finest, Ghost, we didn't mind. [Goes to show you how old the plane was.] 

A little bit in, our food arrived.  And boy oh boy did Ryan and I enjoy it!  I have no clue what it was, but we scarfed that down.  Plus, pairing it with Air Canada's finest wine made for a nice treat.  After eating I knocked back a Tylenol PM and a NyQuil for my cold and kissed Ryan goodbye because I wasn't quite sure if the wine-sleeping pill-NyQuil mix would turn out ok.  

Turns out it was a great idea, because I got the best sleep and woke up fresh for our next day. 

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  1. your use of depth-of-field makes that the artsy-est photo of bk french toast sticks ever.


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