Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And we're off...

Tonight's festivities include packing, sneezing, sitting by Dennis Quaid the elephant humidifier, eating the chinese food that we bought too much of yesterday, and suffocating Riley because we will miss her so so much!

We are excited for Spain. But both slightly (well, overly) sick.  It is going to make for a long flight- but between nyquil, tylenol PM, and my new neck pillow- I should be ok!  Here's to hoping our flights are on time, and my leg doesn't get whacky!

We arrive in Barcelona on Friday, then head to Tossa de Mar for the wedding.  From there we go back to Barcelona to explore, hit up Toledo, then off to Madrid.

The next 12 days are going to rock.  And, since we have our new net book, hopefully we can capture some of the fun for you all (and by that I mean Angela, b/c I think you are the only one that reads this!).

Later Adios!


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