Thursday, December 03, 2009

San Ramon Tree Lighting

Today we embarked on local fun.  Bishop Ranch 1 was transformed into a magical wonderland this evening.  Well, not quite- but they tried.  Ryan said all day today people were scurrying around trying to setup for this evening.  Apparently for the last eight years, San Ramon has had a ceremony to light the fancy tree of BR1.  Who knew.

I arrived at Ryan's office at 5:30 sharp only to find him hard at work.  I brought him a surprise mocha, like a good wife, and waited for him to finish up.

Here is Ryan in his office.  It is bare because he is supposed to be moving soon.  Note his red stapler.

We then walked outside to join in on the fun.  All it really was, was food vendors, and nothing was free. Somewhat lame-sauce.  Plus, they had an odd assortment of child entertainment- ranging from clowns, to cinderella, the mad hater and a weird snow angel/goddess.  Don't quite get how they all relate to the holidays- but we'll go with it.

Then the mayor and owner of something to do with Bishop Ranch spoke.  They were handing out money for a few San Ramon schools.  One teacher from Neil Armstrong took the stage, and Ryan was quite upset.  Apparently this was his 4th grade teacher of which he did not like.  Legend has it, that Ryan was in Monterey and saw an Octopus.  He reported the news back to the 4th grade.  His teacher said he was lying.  Thus he has an eternal demise for her.  Nonetheless, she was there, and we snapped a picture.

Looks evil to me : )

Then, the San Ramon Valley HS choir took the stage.  I called them the glee club- because it is way cooler.  But, they were good, and very animated.  Plus, with their attire, they looked like they were fresh out of a Gap commercial.

Then, at 6:30 sharp the tree was lit.  We ran up as close as we could to see- but was yelled at by the horse carriage attendee.

Then the fun was over, and a children's choir started.  I don't like little kids singing, so we hit the road.  Overall- good attempt at trying to create a magical downtown feeling in a business park- but fell a bit short.

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  1. ah - the magic of bishop ranch. tres chic!

    although, i am very sorry to hear teachers of ryan's past tainted your lovely evening, and i too share a certain dislike for children singing - day 3 and i think this will be a holiday season for the books! carry on and continue with the updates. as i'm here, bogged down with schoolwork/studying/finals/etc., other people's cheer brings ME cheer [i realize that is super cheesy]


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