Tuesday, December 01, 2009

On the second day of Christmas...

While in Oregon, we found a killer deal on a real wreath at Costco.  We jumped on it- and have hung it on our door.  Since we have a fake tree, it is nice to have some real evergreen in our home.

We bought silver ribbon and crafted a bow last night.

I also put up our new tree.  It was hard to get the stand together, but with Ryan's strength, and my shoes, we were able to get it up.  So far, all that it has is lights and a garland.  We will be decorating later.

I love, love, love our new star.  It is green, and sparkly.  Oh so fantastic.

Today after work, to Christmas tunes on Comcast, I hung lights in two of our windows.  Just because we don't have a house, doesn't mean we can't have lights.

Also, today I was stoked to find the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas schedule.  Tonight:  Santa Clause 3.  (Who knew!?)

Lastly, check out our sweet sweet cat.

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