Saturday, December 05, 2009

Home Alone

It had felt like such a long week this past work week. I haven't had to work a full 5 days in quite some time- so I was pooped to say the least. After being exhausted, we decided friday night would be Home Alone night. Mainly because it was on FX- perfect!

Once the movie started, Ryan was cracking up with every other line. It was funny because he thought this movie was pure genius. I'll admit it was funny- but Ryan was having the time of his life. Good for him!

Part way through we paused the movie for ice cream and m&m's. It was festive because we had Christmas colored ones.

Then we finished off the movie and went to bed.  It was a nice way to unwind after a long week.

However, as we were watching the movie, I was reminded of a childhood memory.  When Home Alone came out, my dad was working for Pepsi.  We thought we were the coolest because we had been given a  complementary copy from his work.  It was also accompanied by a small cardboard cutout of Kevin himself- after he put on the aftershave.

My guess is it still resides in our basement.


  1. i remember being in mom & dad's bed in ohio [a WATER bed no less - the room of pink fancy] and we were watching home alone!

    and i'll have to agree that kevin's head is somewhere in the basement [although, i do recall it made appearances attached to dad's bike in the aurora shore's 4th of july parade, and i think you also put it atop your canopy bed] so yes. home alone holds a special place in all our hearts.

  2. i'm so excited you guys are blogging about all your Christmas activities! I can't wait for more posts... I almost watched Home Alone last night. I totally should have!

  3. OK - I don't think Kevin's head resides in the Solomon household anymore. I'm thinking he got left behind in Kansas?? I do still have a hanging dinosaur of Christina's that she made me retrieve from the trash - maybe that should return to San Ramon? We can have a scavenger hunt for Kevin's head when you're all here for Christmas - ok?


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