Thursday, September 17, 2009

bored at the Mord's

Since I lack a job at the moment, I have taken to decorating our apartment. (Much to Ryan's demise.) I figure I am here all day long, so it might as well be a nice place.

Today I purchased two euro shams which have done wonders to our bed. It looks comfy and cozy, and very "adult-like".

We also bought a ladder shelf from Target, on clearance I might add, a few weeks back.

Cute right? But, it is in brown and needs to be black- so I will have to paint it.

Last thing we need for our living room is a side chair. We didn't have room for our 2nd couch, and my ikea chair isn't cutting it.

I found this today, but Ryan thinks it hurts his eye's. (And costs too much, but little does he know what a steal it is!)

Anyway, that is all. Off to read in my new bedding! I am learning HTML/XHTML/CSS- gotta keep up with the smart kids!

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