Saturday, July 04, 2009


The last couple of days Chris and I have been in Rome, I absolutely love it! We hit up the colloseo today, on a great tour we booked awhile back. We got to walk through the ruins of the Palantine and look down on the forums. Yesterday we walked over to the Vacticin, which was amazing. There was so much detail on the walls and floors inside, it was so much to take in.

I have to say my favorite parts so far are the night walks. Last night we walked around the Travestre, up a hill to a beautiful fountain, which overlooked the city. The first night here we strolled past the Pantheon, over to the Trevi fountain and tossed in a coin for good luck.

This is our last night here, and tomorrow we are off to Cinque Terre, we cant wait. I wish I could upload some pics but we forgot the card reader :(
Anyway, ciao!


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  1. sounds like you two are having a lovely time! i can't wait to see pics & what not, but keep having a blast (how could you not), and don't be mistaken for an international pop star a la the lizzie mcguire movie.


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