Friday, February 20, 2009

My Sexy New Instrument.

This past week we (Christina, Scott and I) went and saw Lisa Hannigan at The Independent.  It was an awesome show.  She sounded great live and it was the perfect venue, it was a small place which created an intimate feel.  Anyway, the trumpet player had this awesome instrument he was playing, it was a cross between a flute and a piano.  It sounded a bit like a harmonica or a accordion.  I had to have one!

I did some digging and found out this wacky instrument is called a melodica, originating from Germany.  Look how fun these people are having playing them.....  This could be me.

And soon enough it will be.... Heading to guitar center on Sunday to pick one up.  All I need now is that slick turquoise hat.


  1. christina used to have a hat like that. maybe if your extra nice, she'll lend it to you!

  2. i love melodicas! we played a melodica trio last year.


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