Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Begininng of the Last Semester

Ok, so I'm finally going to be graduating this coming May. It's been a long road here and it's strange to think that I have spent (as of now) a 1/4 of my life in Chico. It should be a good semester, only 4 classes. Two are music (which are fairly boring) and the other are oracle databases and my senior project. Now, the senior project is what I'm most looking forward to.

The students in the senior project class all get to pick some project they want to do for the semester, something we will have to present and defend at the end. While some are doing video games (big surprise there) or boring projects the Chair has thought of, I have decided to make an Audio Unit (AU) plugin for recording software. I figured since I'm also getting a Recording Arts degree, I really wanted to incorporate that into my project.

So what is an AU? It's a plug-in that needs a host application to run, such as Logic, Garageband, etc. The point of it is to alter the sound signal in real time. There are many types of effect plugins out there, such as reverbs, flanger, compression, limiting, etc. I have decided to make a spectral sound plugin (I was inspired by Michael Norris, check out his spectral plugins, they sound amazing). Spectral effects are still in it's infancy and they have lots of room for creativity. But the trade off is, there is a lot less information I can find about them.

In this respect I may be screwing myself over. I already don't know a thing about digital signal processing (DSP), the whole idea behind these plugins. On top of that I'm doing something the Chair has told us exactly not what to do, which is do a project that involves technology we aren't familiar with and have to spend time to learn. Well, I have three and a half months left, I'll let you know then if I have indeed gotten in over my head!


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