Friday, January 30, 2009

Planning the Italy Trip

These past couple of weeks I have been looking into getting everything figured out for our honeymoon coming up this July. The more research I do the more excited I get (I have been constantly bugging Christina every couple of minutes with all the things stuff I keep learning). We have finally got things pretty much figured out; what cities we are hitting, how long we are staying, hotels, etc.

After doing lots of searching around for hotels and B&B's, I've found they are a bit different in Italy than in the U.S. They definitely seem to have some more character, the rooms are much smaller, and the beds situation is a bit comical. When it's a 2 person room and a queen bed is requested, you instead get 2 twin beds pushed together, leaving a huge crack in between. But, I can't complain, we are going to Italy, and I can't wait.

We are going to be flying in and out of Rome. We found a bed and breakfast, Pettinary Villiage, situated in the heart of Rome. We are staying for 4 nights, and planning on taking a day trip down to Pompeii and Naples (known for their great pizza).
After Rome, we head off to Cinque Terre, 5 villages sitting right on the coast. We are staying at Albergo Barbara, a small B&B, looking over water. From there we are off to Venice for 4 nights, where we found a nice place that looks over the canal. Lastly, we head for Florence, where we have already booked a tour for a bike ride through the Tuscany hills accompanied by some wine tasting!



  1. You guys are going to have so much fun! Sweet blog by the way!

  2. Your trip sounds magical.

    Please tell me you'll be blogging during!!!


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