Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Academy of Science and the Attack of the Giant Bubble

Today my parents, Christina and I went to the Academy of Science in San Francisco. I remember going there as a kid, the huge alligator pit and the circular aquarium with the fish swimming in a circle all around you. It has been closed down for the last 10 years or so for renovation and just opened up a couple months back. They made some really nice updates to it; its a green building (not color, eco-friendly) with an awesome design. There are two huge spheres inside, one being a 4 story rainforest and the other a planetarium. The roof is living, with soil and grass on top, good for insulation.

Once we made our way through the 4-story rainforest (the best part), we took the elevator down below and explored the aquarium. This can get kinda crazy on weekends, it was really crowded with little kids running and screaming everywhere. We walked along the different tanks and got to an underwater cave exhibit. Looking through the glass it looked like it went on forever. Christina wanted to get a better look into the depths of the caves, she stepped forward towards the glass and slammed her face right into a giant glass bubble! We were both standing straight towards it and didn't notice the glass was rounded like a bubble and stuck out of the wall about 6 inches. It looked like it hurt :(

After that little debacle, we continued on and found the library section of the museum. It had dead birds, animal skeletons, and the works. We were tired from walking around most of the morning so we sat down and browsed through the books at one of the tables. Of course we would be the ones to be drawn to a book of this caliber. Definitely going to purchase this when I get kids.

When elephants fart, the farts are really big.


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