Friday, January 30, 2009

Planning the Italy Trip

These past couple of weeks I have been looking into getting everything figured out for our honeymoon coming up this July. The more research I do the more excited I get (I have been constantly bugging Christina every couple of minutes with all the things stuff I keep learning). We have finally got things pretty much figured out; what cities we are hitting, how long we are staying, hotels, etc.

After doing lots of searching around for hotels and B&B's, I've found they are a bit different in Italy than in the U.S. They definitely seem to have some more character, the rooms are much smaller, and the beds situation is a bit comical. When it's a 2 person room and a queen bed is requested, you instead get 2 twin beds pushed together, leaving a huge crack in between. But, I can't complain, we are going to Italy, and I can't wait.

We are going to be flying in and out of Rome. We found a bed and breakfast, Pettinary Villiage, situated in the heart of Rome. We are staying for 4 nights, and planning on taking a day trip down to Pompeii and Naples (known for their great pizza).
After Rome, we head off to Cinque Terre, 5 villages sitting right on the coast. We are staying at Albergo Barbara, a small B&B, looking over water. From there we are off to Venice for 4 nights, where we found a nice place that looks over the canal. Lastly, we head for Florence, where we have already booked a tour for a bike ride through the Tuscany hills accompanied by some wine tasting!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update: How We Pass Gas

So, after further research into the highly educational book "How we Pass Gas" by Shinta Cho, I have discovered that it is part of a series.... The complete My Body Science. Check them out for yourself.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Academy of Science and the Attack of the Giant Bubble

Today my parents, Christina and I went to the Academy of Science in San Francisco. I remember going there as a kid, the huge alligator pit and the circular aquarium with the fish swimming in a circle all around you. It has been closed down for the last 10 years or so for renovation and just opened up a couple months back. They made some really nice updates to it; its a green building (not color, eco-friendly) with an awesome design. There are two huge spheres inside, one being a 4 story rainforest and the other a planetarium. The roof is living, with soil and grass on top, good for insulation.

Once we made our way through the 4-story rainforest (the best part), we took the elevator down below and explored the aquarium. This can get kinda crazy on weekends, it was really crowded with little kids running and screaming everywhere. We walked along the different tanks and got to an underwater cave exhibit. Looking through the glass it looked like it went on forever. Christina wanted to get a better look into the depths of the caves, she stepped forward towards the glass and slammed her face right into a giant glass bubble! We were both standing straight towards it and didn't notice the glass was rounded like a bubble and stuck out of the wall about 6 inches. It looked like it hurt :(

After that little debacle, we continued on and found the library section of the museum. It had dead birds, animal skeletons, and the works. We were tired from walking around most of the morning so we sat down and browsed through the books at one of the tables. Of course we would be the ones to be drawn to a book of this caliber. Definitely going to purchase this when I get kids.

When elephants fart, the farts are really big.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A time for Change- Welcome to our new (and only) blog!

Welcome! Ryan and I wanted to start a blog. We figure we have a lot of fun and exciting things coming up over the next year, so we should blog. We both came up with the name "MorBlog" yesterday- so we hope you enjoy it.

Today was Obama's Inauguration. Due to my lack of employment, I was able to stay home and watch all the events. Ryan sat in the work lounge for a bit and was able to see it too. What a day- something we will truly remember forever. I loved Michelle's outfit!

This weekend Ryan and I went to San Francisco and then to Sausalito. Ryan was in an artsy mood this weekend, and took hostage of our camera. Below are some of his award winning pieces:
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